Spring Nudism

Danish Nudists On Spring


Break Did you know the U.S. Virgin Islands were once owned by Denmark? Well, it’s true (we bought the territory in 1917). Fortunately lots or Danish settlers decided to stay, which means they enjoy a surfeit of relatives from the home country every spring in the form of Danish teens seeking sun for their winter breaks.

All In The Family
When your new young wife comes from a nudist family background, beach vacations with the in-laws can offer more than the usual challenges. Then again, it could make for a strange intimacy not usually encountered when visiting the relatives

Spring Break Nudity 
It’s happening now, and more locations are letting it all hang loose (in terms of the usual, plus more nudity). In particular, more Mexico destinations for American colleges kids on break are permitting topless and nudist behaviors, and daily reports indicate the authorities are looking the other way in popular U.S. spring break towns.

In Nudist House 
The family sauna, a generally good idea except when certain unsavory relatives are hanging around (“Sorry, it’s broken uncle Larry…”). Above all it’s a very healthful way to detoxify the body (as today’s Dr. Mercola’s website touts) and a wholesome treat for friends and family. Going nude is optional, and considered the best way to enjoy the experience.
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