Nudist Love

Yes, It’s Complicated 


You’ve finally convinced your significant other to “give nudism a try” (see other posts for the emotionalcomponents). Compliantly, she removes her bottoms and top and voila, there you are, a couple of free-spirited nudists enjoying nature as nature intended (or at least equipped you–I don’t think anyone is born fully clothed).

Now for your perilous reactions. Yeah, it’s hard not to respond accordingly. You feel a rush of Neanderthal emotion (something akin to “this is MY mate”) and, having been socialized in modern times, feel somewhat confused. There she is, your honey completely naked in full view of whatever presence exists on the beach. Your ownership rights (to see this naked body) cease to exist… Of course you respond–it can be a tricky business.

Our motto is that nudist couples need to “gauge the ambience” of their venue–is it a family beach? Are we at Hedonism II? Act appropriately. If your wife or girlfriends wants a hug or cuddle beachside, and you’re naked, do you feel the need to roll over to conceal your enthusiasm? Are you at Hedonism II? Don’t worry about it. Venue.

If you’ve perused our FAQ you may have a clue about what we’re talking about. We hate porn–but we don’t mind genuine sensuality, even if it’s rather pronounced. (But there are limits to what we feel appropriate to display  outside “the gate.”) (“Adult Nudism”) 

Nudist Touch

Compare the differences: On a textile beach (where they wear bathing suits) applying sunscreen to your sig-other is absolutely appropriate and prudent according to the health authorities. What if you’re on a nude beach? Well, skin is skin, and it needs protection. We don’t mind if your personal discipline on such matters include buttocks, breasts and other unmentionables. Having your nether regions lovingly cared for with applications of coconut oil (preferred among nudists) is fine. Go for it. Life is short.

PDA’s On Nudist Beaches

Let’s just cut to the chase. Public displays on nudist beaches (family or adult) are fine. You’d do it on a normal (textile) beach, so why hold back? I suffer what most men suffer in such situations–a response. Just be discreet, unless it doesn’t matterwhat you’re doing (like at Hedonism, or other adult nudist resorts).

The Nude Review

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