Younger Nudists

There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of


Driving my grandchildren to daycare each morning I pass a local university, and of course at that time of day students are trudging to class, and at their usual absent-minded and brisk pace. Handily, my filters zero-in on passing coeds, and every morning I’m struck anew at how attractive they are, so youthful and unsullied by age. It gives me a lift.

I know some men my age (early sixties) that get sullen at the sight of young beauty, feeling a sense of loss and time passing. It’s ridiculous, of course, as we’ve all had our time in the ring, which has either filled us with happy memories or the pity-party of regret. What’s left to us now is memory-enhanced appreciation, which we now carry into age-appropriate relationships. Seeing these young women reminds me of ones I have known very intimately. The same energies arise within, so to speak, but their direction leads elsewhere, and in my case, to older women. It’s a case where remembrances of things past invigorates the present. Women have confirmed to me that their memories of being with “young bucks” fuel their present love-lives as well. Good. It’s a fair exchange.

What does this have to do with nudism? Well, I can only speculate on your reasons for being here. For myself I can speak with authority. Viewing nudist photography, particularly of young women, energizes me, clears my mind, and reminds me of what’s important, which is of course the beauty of life, even as its patterns and textures shift over time. Women I meet today in their forties and fifties were once young women and teens, whose secrets tormented and astounded me at the same time. It’s for their sake that I remember where they’ve come from, which was their tantalizing youth.

On that subject (“tantalizing youth”) I’m happy to subject you to Jens Morgensen’s latest round of photography from his summer of aggressively pursuing the youthful environment of Europe’s many nudist beaches, beginning with Sweden and wrapping up in Greece. As mentioned above, it’s an invigorating subject, whether it’s fully clothed young coeds hoofing it to class, or naked on a European beach. By all means look. It’s good for you. 

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