Naked Adventure In The Desert

When it’s a 102 degrees and sunny, why would you wear clothes?


That’s the logic of a Moab Meet-up group dedicated to naked hiking in the desert. “The freedom one feels is oceanic, but it isn’t for everyone,” said group leader Jenny. “It’s open to anyone, but only the truly fit and lean would enjoy it. Ten desert miles up and down cliffs takes a certain amount of stamina. This isn’t your typical “nudist” scenario; it’s more like nudism taken to the next level.”

For the truly adventurous, there’s geo-caching. It involves putting your clothes in the club van, which disappears over the horizon, leaving you with nothing to wear until your hiking boots and GPS unit (your only accessories) take you to your second stash of clothes. Now, the parks have all sorts of tourists in them, few of them naked. How do you handle encounters? “Usually with a big smile,” said Jenny. 

Is it legal? The National Park Service official position is to look the other way. Well, eventually.

The Nude Review