Nudist Spring

Nudist Households


You try, but you can’t quite legitimize keeping the thermostat at eighty degrees, so you put off your indoor nudist habit till the warm-side of spring arrives. “Shrinkage” factors shrink and a naked romp through the backyard no longer makes you shrivel like a spooked turtle. Okay, that’s the plus side. But 24/7 home nudism? What about the damask sofa? What about chili night? More importantly, what about the morning after?


The truth is, 24/7 home nudism isn’t really practiced by anyone except hardy Germans in rented Majorcan summer houses. For the rest of us, “home nudism” means the state of being naked isn’t restricted to the bed and bath. Hot day? Sunbathe naked in the backyard, or make yourself some ice tea in the kitchen in your altogether. Fry bacon? Bad idea.

Our presentation of “Nudist House” (and “Candid Nudity“) celebrates those moments when nudity is an option, particularly when it enhances life’s experiences. Communal nudity at home means everyone is welcome to take advantage of those moments where being nude or near-nude is preferable to being clothed, or it’s simply more convenient. It’s the freedom to “be as you are” that counts, and that’s what we illustrate in the magazines. Home nudity in the nudist spirit makes for very interesting family photo albums.Ed

Nudist Life In Pictures

Young Nudists In Transition

Young Nudists In Transition


With a batch of rotating editors, it’s easy to tell who was last to click “update” on the control panel. In this case it’s me of course, the guy who really can’t get enough of the fact that when a girl arrives off the street onto a nudist beach, she’s going to be taking her clothes off. When she leaves she’ll be putting them back on. Okay, sometimes I feel like I’m still in seventh grade – you have no need to tell me.

But tell me this: How many females in your lifetime will you see getting dressed or undressed? If you’re a typical non-nudist male, your range will be six to eight women. Ask a male nudist the same question and he’ll say, “All the time. Hundreds, thousands.”  

Okay, maybe it’s a small thing. Some people (men) can only be stimulated by hard-core illustration, not suggestion. I’m the other type of guy. Give me soft-core insinuation. Give me some raw information (like watching a teenager strip naked on the beach) and I’ll let my imagination do the rest, or simply enjoy the moment for what it is – in this case a gift of creation, these heavenly creatures in the prime of their life.(“Nudist Arrivals & Departures”)

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