Buff naked guy sells luxury real estate

A buff, naked guy wakes, pads lithely through his luxury home, works out, swims, and makes coffee, all while still nude. Some might call it soft pornography, but for PlatinumHD Provid, an Australian marketer of high end homes, it’s just another way to sell real estate.


The 2.23 minute video, for private beachfront home 92 Savoy Drivefeatures well known Australian model Ryan Burke showing off his own…assets. Burke is nude during the entire video, though frontal nudity is cleverly camouflaged by a sink, a staircase or a weight bench. A nude woman sleeps face down on a sofa while Burke undertakes his morning ritual, but she’s merely an accessory on the scene. At the close of the video, Burke, still nude, answers the door to a fully clothed man – presumably a realtor – who hands him a pair of pants and then, addressing the camera, extols the privacy of the luxury home.

PlatinumHD Provid must know what it’s doing. The home, valued at about $2,185,000, sold after just 3,800 hits to the video. But we wonder how many of those were repeat viewers, keen to get one more look at Burke’s chiseled real estate.

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