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No Clothes Allowed at This Beer Fest

Sure, there are countless beer festivals happening everywhere, all of the time.


And while most present the same sort of scene — tables, taps, brewery reps and crowds of enthusiastic and thirsty beer nerds lining up to grab a glass-full of the latest and greatest suds — here’s one that’s so out of the ordinary that it’s in a class all its own.

And that’s because it requires its guests to doff their duds before entering.

Yeah, you read that right. Nudity is a requirement for Sunny Rest Resort’s annual beer festival, which this year takes place on Saturday, June 28, 1 — 5 PM.

You’re free to wear a robe, towel or even pants and a shirt elsewhere at this clothing-optional vacation getaway in Pennsylvania’s Poconos, but on site of the annual brew fest, only birthday suits will be tolerated.


Here’s the flyer for the event. We have a feeling the clientele will look slightly different than what they’re depicting.

Tickets are $16 in advance, and $18 the day of the festival. Along with entry to the beer fest and unlimited samples from breweries near and far, the ticket includes a free day’s admission to Sunny Rest Resort. Fest goers can also take advantage of discounts on rooms and campsites. The after-party festivities, which also require nudity, take place at the resort’s Streakers Bar and Flashers Nightclub.

If you go, pack light and don’t forget the high SPF sunscreen.

Photo: Courtesy Sunny Rest Resort

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Nudity no longer naughty in Munich

One of Germany’s largest cities has legalised public nudity


Germany’s third largest city, Munich, has legalised public nudity by introducing six designated nudist zones.

Since last autumn – when statewide laws stopping nude sunbathing expired – the issue of public nudity has been debated in the city.

It has now been decided that nudists are officially welcome to strip.

The six designated nudist areas are not fenced off or hidden away, although their location in parkland grants them a degree of privacy.

One nudist zone is situated in a main tourist spot along a stream, which is barely 10 minutes away from Munich’s main square.


Public nudity in Munich has gone on for years, and it is common to see people walking around unclothed in several spots in the city, such as the Englischer Garten, and various spots along the Isar River.

Nudity is not restricted to Munich; the practice is common across Germany, where the first naturist beach was set up back in 1920.

The country is famed for its love of all activities that involve FKK – Freikörperkultur (Free Body Culture, or plain nudity to you and me), said Telegraph Travel writer Adrian Bridge, who reported on the Naked Sledding World Championship held in the spa town of Braunlage recently.

The Telegraph



Adam knew Eve

The new Reality show on RTL 5 put totally naked competitors are doing successfully in the Netherlands.


 Adam Zoekt Eve (“Adam knew Eve”) puts competitors on a paradise island near Panama without clothes. Men and women have become acquainted, aiming know “true love”.

According to the producers, the basic premise is that “the best way to know the love of our life is present ourselves in the purest state, without clothes.” 

Check out the video  Adam Zoekt Eva


Happy 50th Birthday British Naturism!

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of British Naturism (BN), the UK’s national organisation for Naturism.  It’s going to be a busy year, with special events – and we’re already looking forward to the next 50!


2014 marks the 50th anniversary of British Naturism (BN), the UK’s national organisation for Naturism. It’s going to be a busy year, with special events – and we’re already looking forward to the next 50!

Back in 1964, British Naturism was formed by a merger of the British Sunbathing Association and the Federation of British Sun Clubs who realised that one strong national organisation presented far more opportunities than having two separate bodies with similar purposes and aims.

Today, BN is a vibrant national organisation which promotes the amazing, healthy and liberating Naturist lifestyle, enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. As well as promoting the undeniable benefits of healthy social nudity, which encourage wellbeing, a positive body image and boost confidence, BN also works hard to campaign for greater acceptance of our way of life. Our campaigns have tackled some serious issues, such as the increase in prudery, orchestrated by a vocal minority, which impact on us and which can also affect many in society at large.

Across the UK we’ve got a variety of great events and there’s truly something for everyone, from the nervous newcomer to the seasoned ‘old hand’ – We’re especially encouraging people who have never tried Naturism to get out there and give it a go. Never before have there been so many exciting ways to get involved and we know that when people experience it for themselves they love it – in fact many Naturists cite their first experience as ‘life-changing’ and throw away their swimming costumes for good!



Women Nudists & You

Female Nudists Are Looking  At Your, You Know…


When asked about what attracts them to men on a nudist beach, women seem to keep two sets of books. One is for show, the other for their personal use. There’s a big asexual pitch on most naturism sites, which is fine, but we think it covers just half of the story.  Your personal experience on a nudist beach occurs in your brain, which is hopefully able to control any outward evidence of your thoughts. Your outward participation and behavior is of course what you make public. We thought women had it lucky on that score. Apparently we were wrong.

“Oh, no, I do get aroused from the visual clues around me on a nudist beach. I’ve noticed other women do too,” said one female participant at the Tulum workshop. Well,what do you mean? “There’s some swelling. You know, you see the engorgement but it’s more subtle than a man’s erection.” Oh that. Pink.

So, what gets you that way?


The word “packaging” was adopted and applied to what a man carries around with him on a nudist beach. Regrettably, it’s more an object of befuddlement than appreciation. “They are so different. They’re like snowflakes.”

So what is it about the packaging that they like? Symmetrical arrangement was what things narrowed down to. To paraphrase:  “A nice sack, not too long, not shrunken [remember the Seinfeld episode?], the penis protruding about an inch further down than the testicles. A little tumescence is nice too.”

The Nude Review

Naked Bike brings together hundreds of people in São Paulo

About a hundred naked cyclists , or partially unclothed , protested in the streets of Sao Paulo during naked bike, this Saturday night .


According to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo,  the organizers intended to show the fragility of bodies towards violence and engine speed . The tour began at 20h on Paulista Avenue .

According to the Folha de S. Paulo,  newspaper, it was predicted that the demonstration ended in Vila Madalena , west of the city . With masks , pinutras the body and the use of intimate garments like panties , bras and panties , the cicloativistas caught the attention of patrons of bars and nightclubs in passing along Rua Augusta .

There were no occurrences in the path – just a principle of turmoil when a valet would have tried to force the pass with a car , told Folha . Last Saturday , the protest brought together hundreds of people in Porto Alegre.







Nudism And Girls

Nudist Girls


You can tell by the site statistics and page views, but you already know that the bedrock of naturism, its founding momentum, lies with the participation of younger generations – teens, or girls if you wish, when female form is its prime. It’s a peculiar life they lead on a nudist beach, and as their nudist pictures prove, they are the stars and celebrities of summer world.

With “casual nudity” moving into a new phase of liberalism, where every teen with a cell phone likely has a nude selfie filed under “homework” as well as all her friend’s selfies, nude of course, male or female, it could be right to wonder if nudism is even a “thing” anymore. Well, of course it is, it’s just snuck in the back door of most people’s lives, where family nudism just means no one cares if they’re seen nude.

This nudity is restored to intimacy when between boys and girls of any age when they first reveal themselves to each other. Most of us have a “tomboy” girlfriend in our pasts, and with them were often our first experiences of coed nudity.The fact is, that excitement with the act of “getting naked” with girls (or later, women) never loses its grip. Each first step onto a nudist beach and getting your suit off mimics those early years of first contacts with the flesh of the opposite sex. It’s eminently enjoyable, and the fact that there’s a sensual component doesn’t make wrong. Ed


Pinho Beach

“Excellent beach, good infrastructure, nudity mandatory”


This is an easily accessible beach near Balneario Camburiu, one of the most popular vacation spots in South America. Full nudity is required by all (there is a separate textile beach). Unaccompanied males are allowed access only if they are current members of the International Naturist Federation and present their naturist passport. 

Infrastructure includes a small “hotel” and restaurant, and a kiosk on the beach sells snacks and drinks as well as renting lounging chairs and beach umbrellas. There is a modest parking fee (access to both the textile and naturist areas) used by the naturist committee that maintains the facility, and an additional parking charge if you want to park in the fully nude section. From there it is only a few meters to the beach.

The general area is top-rated for vacationing, with South America’s largest theme park (Beto Carrero World), a cable-car that lifts you over a mountain between the city and one of the other beaches that offers spectacular views, canopy tours, excellent “churrasco” and seafood restaurants, and night-life rivaling any other city in Brazil. The main disadvantage is the high number of summer visitors, resulting in traffic congestion