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Nudism is synonymous with prejudice?

The afternoon is magnificent.

The sun shines and radiates throughout the extensive beach. Aimed at a nudist beach, calm reigns and sound waves. People expose the naked body to strong sunlight.

For those who advocate the natural habits, this is an image that exudes welfare. Rather than stripping the clothes, practicing nudist would be synonymous with stripping prejudices. But not quite. Who loves the rides’ tail aimlessly ‘beaches also like to criticize their colleagues’ rabiosques summer.

Ellen Woodall, an anthropologist at the University of Florida, USA, studied the behavior of the beautiful nudist beaches of Miami. The analysis revealed that people tend to have a behavior similar to what’s on the day to day. Sexual problems, social, gossip about weight, sagging and increase the ‘personal gifts “are the delight of the conversations among nudists.

With or without clothes, the topics of matter are the same. “The nudists always consider themselves progressives, but the practice of nudism failed to proclaim the ideal that everyone is treated equally, regardless of social position or body shape”, criticizes the researcher.

In fact, over 15 years of practice of nudism, says Ellen is a true connoisseur of the medium. For this particular study, the anthropologist worked in a nudist park for two summers.

In practice, Ellen found a bit of everything. “I watched the formation of cliques, or men who said they enjoyed with the obesity of certain women, women who mocked the size of sexual organs of a man, sexual comments and sexual harassment – all activities that could be witnessed in society.

Ellen presents this work as a study, but the conclusions seem pure critical values touted by naturists. According to the author, nudism has evolved since the 20s, the United States, when the parks appeared as a reciprocating motion which yielded annually about 400 million dollars.

Despite his desire to open social nudism also started to apply the same social rules and social discrimination in everyday life. According to the author, most practitioners are white, middle class and well educated. “The participants are not a representation of the entire American society ‘, ensures the researcher. He concludes: “People practice nudism because they consider a release, but the movement is fairly based on tradition.”

The fashion is to work naked

Nude team works to develop closer links and raising moral

Employees of a company in England came to a very unusual solution to cure the crisis in the sector and strengthen ties. All agreed to follow the guidance of a psychologist who advised the team to work every Friday, naked.

David Taylor said it would take away the clothes, the officials would be more honest and would be a more open relationship with each other. The main objective was to raise the morale of employees after the company cut staff after the financial crisis. The day chosen to begin work was Friday, which came to be called Naked Friday (Friday Naked).

The day of the naked in the office was filmed and turned into a documentary. The TV show is called “Naked Office” and will air on July 9 on cable in the UK.


“The Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity legal in order to promote respect for oneself, respect for others and the environment.”

Naturism promotes body acceptance as it is, accepting the physical shape without the use of ideal models, and understanding that the time write in the body throughout life.

Simply put, naturism is the practice of nudity in a social environment.

Why be nude?
And why not be?
Why wear clothes to swim when we do not use clothes to bathe?
Naturists are not against the use of clothing, are in favor of using clothes only when appropriate. Being naked is well aware. It makes people feel free. Deliver us artificial inhibitions imposed on us when we are born.

What are the benefits?

Some benefits of nudity:
-It is healthy, the sun in moderate doses it relieves us of stress and provides us with vitamin D.
Well-known. How do you feel about tight clothes on a torrid days? And the fact-of-bath full of sand on the beach?
Self-esteem. The nudity helps us to be more open and aceitarmo us as we are, without feeling inferior to supermodels that we saw in the TV ads. It makes us a stronger person and more confident.
Acceptance. All are accepted as they are, whether fat, thin, have a disability, purple hair, a tattoo, a piercing … everyone is different and all are accepted.
-It is cheap!
-And as a bonus … unmarked fact-Bathroom!

The nudity is not offensive?

Naturists, of course, do not feel offended by nudity. And the others?
Some people find nudity offensive, but in most cases before the nudity are just embarrassed and confused. In a free society people should be free to do whatever they want, provided there is no harm to others. It is difficult to understand that looking at the human body may harm anyone.

Naturism’s popularity

In Winnipeg, Ray and Sue Ryynanen, who are the owners of the land where the Crocus Grove Sun Club resides, decided to turn it into a textile campground and rename the property as Sandhill Pines. The media naturally jumped to the conclusion (with the recent stories about the closing of Glen Echo) that naturism in Canada was on the decline. This resulted in some press coverage for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park because we are an exception to that conclusion. The Crocus Grove Sun Club is also disagreeing with that inference. They are actively looking for a new property.

The Canadian Press did a story that was picked up by a number of newspapers and radio stations. For example, it was picked up by CTV,  the Winnipeg Free Press, and the Winnipeg Sun.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: naturism is clearly not shrinking. Bare Oaks is now getting close to 500 members. That’s almost 4 times the membership from 3 years ago!  

And there’s a lot more room for growth. A 1999 survey commissioned by the Federation of Canadian Naturists determined that 8.9% of Canadians were interested in naturism. The Ontario Government estimates that the 2010 population of the GTA – Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Durham, Halton, Peel, & York) is 6,197,190. We could also easily add Simcoe & Kawartha Lakes in our market area. In fact, we have members who live even further away than that. But for the sake of our calculation, let’s limit ourselves to the GTA definition. At 8.9%, we therefore conclude that 551,550 people in the GTA are interested in naturism. Even if we assume a huge margin of error in the survey (which is unlikely) and the number is actually 100,000, we still have more than enough business to overwhelm Bare Oaks. Clearly we need more naturist clubs not less.

Interestingly, a very recent poll in Australia also showed that interest in naturism is growing.

So why are clubs closing? I see many reasons. There are clubs that haven’t changed their services and amenities since the 1970s. Sometimes clubs have been so poorly run as businesses that nobody wants to take them over when the owners want to retire. In some cases, members and visitors have put up with such a lack of amenities and such poor service that they have given up. I have also seen clubs that have lost the passion for naturism which has, in turn, made their existence irrelevant. And far too often, naturist clubs have done a deplorable job of marketing themselves.

Her grandparents were naked

Devoid of prejudice, nudist magazines of the ’50s promoted naturism in Brazil.

In the 50’s, doctors, journalists and generals have tried to bring the nudist camps of Europe to our shores and also to pages of magazines. A decade before the sexual revolution, they experienced firsthand the prejudice against the defense of a more open relationship with the body

Walking naked in the house since completing eight years old, already far in 1945, was not enough to bother the parents of the future journalist and biologist carioca Paulo Pereira da Silva. The patriarch was in fact an austere colonel of the Brazilian army, but never called the mania of the only child. Only the grandmother complained: “Boy, put shorts or you’ll catch cold.” But the blond kid was not even there. Even before the visits, went to the show with the chick for the most natural. “Like the Indian,” he recalls.

At 14 years old in 1951, he could be considered a privileged: his uncle Jorge Luiz, realizing his mania and the arrival of adolescence, began to supply him with copies of the hidden countered revised Health and nudism. The intention was to give the boy what one might call “challenging.” A rare thing at that time. Masturbation was not only a very grave sin, according to church. The psychiatrists classified as a harmful “addiction of imagination and books have been written condemning the practice. Anyone wishing to relieve sexual tension in the solitude of the room or bathroom or memorizing the neck and thighs of some muse in movies or ads resorted to modest underwear brands Valisère and Vivian in the journals that the mother bought – The cicada, Journal of women or, especially, the Annual Ladies

But it was not only the eroticism of the naked girls and nudists Health that attracted him. The boy had heard of Dora Vivacqua, Luz del Fuego, a young upper-class mining-turned-dancer and had shocked the country by creating, on September 7, 1949, the Naturalist Brazilian Party (GNP), which advocated the creation public spaces where families could walk naked in a quest for harmony with nature. Payne went on to read the articles the magazine published, especially Daniel de Brito Filho, who became his close friend. And his life since then, it would be punctuated by an endless struggle to establish areas of nudism in Brazil. And so he would arrive in 2009, to 72 years

Running naked


Since 1999, in northern Spain Has run naked

The group begins to dispute the race Patxi Ros with proof of 5000 meters Which is equal to any other, except That All Competitors Can only run naked (the exception is for tennis). The race is Between the towns of Getxo and Sopelana.

Naturism family


We do not nail here that all walk naked for there, that the use of the clothes is abolished. What we desire that happens it is that the people demystify the nudez. That the nudez is seen in a natural way, without erotismo.

 The familiar nudez is half the most appropriate one so that the human body is accepted in its natural form. To only remain dress when strict necessary already it is a good start. It is without clothes after the bath for a drawn out time more, is looked in the mirror and one gets used with its naked body.

It sleeps with the possible minimum of clothes, leaves that the blankets play the heater role. Shorts for the men (without underwears, it is clearly) and a nightgown for the women (without panties and sutiã) already are the sufficient. It does not judge the human body as a ugly and dirty thing. She does not teach this to its children, with certainty thus, they will have a mental health and a more healthful positioning before the nudez.

Cycling naked

It may seem difficult and inconsistent association of the naked act of pedaling, but those who cycle every day in any city in the world can easily grasp the message to pass.

While the drivers feel “protected” inside their metal carriages, cyclists are naked, without protection, depending only on the willingness of motorists to protect them or not.

Enough to be discrepant and inconsistent the absurd amount that the auto industry invests to ensure the safety of its customers, regardless of the speed they are creating real tanks cities, where those inside are protected, as those who live outside the bubble …

While some commercial automotive exalt and stimulate the speed of their cars, pedestrians and cyclists lose their lives every day in traffic accidents, which only in Sao Paulo reap the lives of 1,500 people per year. Of these only 18% of drivers and passengers are killed.

Riding naked is an act of protest that aims to draw attention to the fragility of the cyclist in traffic, and motivate society to discuss the misuse of the car in urban centers. This act is held annually in various cities around the world in the demonstration dubbed as WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride). The story began in Zaragoza in Spain in 2002 and now occurs in over 200 cities worldwide. In Brazil the first edition was significant in 2008, bringing together about 500 cyclists up and had worldwide repercussion.