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Nudist Picture: French Beach

 Entering someone you know on a nudist beach unexpectedly can be stressful, particularly if she’s the girl in sales you’ve always wanted to talk to but never managed the nerve. Then suddenly under the surreal light of a harsh summer glare there she is just as nature intended before civilization–stark raving nude.

Fortunately nudist beaches are warm, friendly places. If you need an icebreaker, try standing around naked with a group of strangers. Soon enough you’ll know what you always wondered about before you actually saw them nude. When you actually know the person you find yourself completely inept attempting to master what exactly to do with your hands (hence the handy hip).

There’s no better way, really, to get to know someone. Being mutually naked seems to remove several other layers of formality. Feelings are more easily surfaced, the inner-you more readily becomes the outer-you. People like when they can be genuine, and nothing is more genuine than the you you present to the world stitch-less from head to foot.

I bring this all up because a newbie member asked what should he do if he met someone he knew on a nude beach. My best advice and to anyone who might ask is, just say “hello.”

100% Naturism

Practice naturism or, which is the same, take off their clothes to enjoy contact with nature, represents a lifestyle point each year more fans in Spain.

Contrary to what many still think, the nude with other people is not a crime or an act of pornography, but an attempt to integrate into the surroundings and feel free, physically and mentally.

Naturism also helps the acceptance of one’s body as it is and provides confidence in yourself. The reasons that each one may have to join this practice may change, but the comfort or the feeling of physical freedom that gives the clothes off and feel the direct contact of the breeze, the sun and water throughout the body, not priceless for all of them, naturism also produces a mental release, since, without clothes, there are no differences, all people are equal.

Increasingly, people who now claim that nudity is natural and stripped of their clothing, while their inhibitions. They feel that accepting his own nakedness allows them to be mutually honest, frank and relaxed show.

When naturism is practiced regularly and continuously, as do the people who can be seen in the images in this exhibition, the result is a collection of photographs that show absolutely natural naturism 100%, as it is, just as it is lived, which may be in Nude Art Virtual Gallery until 30 June.


Nudist Resorts

When In The Mood For Something Different

It would be hard to give blanket praise to the nudist resorts one finds in our hemisphere, which is why I rely on Nexus. I do not nor do I wish to be near “swingers,” not that I have anything against them–you know, there’s room for everyone on the planet. What’s unfortunate is “Nudist” is often used as a euphemism for swinging, so beware when you select a nudist resort on your own. Pay particular attention to the pictures, which are often staged and include only good looking people.

If you do land at a dedicated, non-swinging, family oriented nudist resort, except to see the usual variety of shapes and sizes. Physical appeal is not mandatory. I tell people to imagine everyone in their local grocery store naked. That’s the sort of mix that will greet you at a nudist beach or resort, the good, the bad and the ugly.

JanG  “Nudist Resorts of the Western Hemisphere” 

Euro Teen Nudists

Teen Nudists

It’s Like They Invented It

Traveling Europe in summer months is dangerous if you get anywhere near the beaches. Even hiking an alpine trail isn’t without risk, but not for the obvious reasons (plunging off a cliff). When it gets warm Europeans have a problem keeping their clothes on. To them, sunshine and heat seems to rip their clothes off.

The beaches are a rubbernecking nightmare, unless you don’t mind whip-lashing yourself. Left or right, up or down, nudity is rampant. Of most striking interest is the number of teens you’ll see doing all sorts of ambulatory things in the nude. It doesn’t occur to them to be modest. Well, it shouldn’t. Nudity is natural, nylon and spandex decidedly not. And it isn’t as if you have to be a particular place to see the nudity, as anywhere is good enough. Walking to a beach from a main road I spotted a woman dressing next to her camper. On a stroll along the Seine I saw office girls sitting on a bench with their tops off, having a mid-day break.

If only we Americans were so casual about the nude body. It would save all that air fare.

BlakeW for The Nude Review  “Euro Teen Nudists: Beaches, And Everywhere Else”

Nudist Pictures – Groups

All Ages Nudists

Communal Nudism & Buddhism

There’s a somewhat maligned Buddhist sentiment that states “if you find contentment, you don’t need entertainment.” That’s how I feel standing naked on a beach with a few friends–contented. The entertainment is in “just being.” This may seem an odd approach to nudism  but really, how much of our total energy and mental engagement involves to some degree the idea of being naked with someone else? If you’re a male of any age the answer is “lots.” Once you’re standing naked in a mixed crowd of people, what then occupies your thought and drives your actions? I can tell you it’s something wonderful–just “being” is the thing, while warmly engaged with others who share your enthusiasm for sun and water without the drip-dry nonsense of bathing suits. The centering activity is existence itself.

How Buddha, I know. But the truth is, without all the pretense of and posturing akin to most social groups, nudists find it’s easy to to get to know one another with ease, contrary to what you may think. Though I can’t explain exactly why, it’s much easier to say a hearty “hello” to a naked girl on the beach than one suited in a sexy bikini–it just is, as if by being naked “together” you’re both complicit and thereby made of the same cloth, so to speak.

There’s simply no better “to be.”

DaveJ for The Nude Review  “Social Nudism: Groups”

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Naturist the occasion

Sunday was a normal summer in 2004.

 The weather was as usual at that time of year, very hot and it felt like it was lying on the beach to catch a refreshing sea breeze. Once we did get a backpack in the road and then a few minutes we were in the sand. As usually choose a location some distance from the crowd, after all is only two minutes walk and everything is calmer.

The afternoon usually stemmed, sunbathing and sea water, reading or simply relax and clear your mind of all worries were the days go slowly. Everything pointed to that was more a normal Sunday afternoon at the beach but … at some point something mysterious happened. No apparent reason other people began to leave the beach. One by one, family to family, group by group became deserted beach.

The atmosphere was strange. It was sun, heat, water was hot, no wind, it was a Sunday in summer and the beach had been deserted. I almost feel like two shipwrecked on a desert island.
Yet as the saying goes: the occasion makes the thief … which has been slightly changed to: opportunity makes the naturist It was then that I asked the question “Why not?”

Why not undress me and enjoy the beach as it makes more sense? Why not feel free?
Not getting answers to these questions took a deep breath, looked around, still with some embarrassment, and stripped shorts. A mixture of anxiety, surprise, surprise but most of all freedom swept over me.

Were only a few minutes, but it was enough to take the taste for naturism.
From that day the usual place on the beach became a little further from the crowd in the naturist area. And the mystery that made the deserted beach in full sun in summer? Apparently he was a football game, a sign the end of Euro2004.

American Nudists In Mexico

nudist americans

Foreign travel can bring out the hedonist in American women and teens.

Trend spotters have noticed the recent increase is repeat travel to our Mexican neighbor’s “liberated” beaches, and the fresh drift of resort owners to permitting topless or nude sunbathing on their grounds and beaches. Cancun area Maroma Beach and Matanchen Bay are now “body freedom” friendly, as is Playa Mazanillo. They report bookings up thirty percent going into 2009, and increasing numbers of single women in small groups checking in for week-long spa packages, which includes a lot of baring all to the winds beach time.

Most likely it’s the allure of exotic locations and hot temperatures willing vacationers to loosen up and participate in communal nudity. But we also think most women are curious about the experience, a frequent enough occurrence in dreams (like finding oneself nude at school and being aroused), but need the exceptional circumstance to induce a proper frame of mind. Seeing other folks naked on a public beach makes the idea easier to digest.

Do they bring the experience home with them? Often, yes. Suddenly there’s nothing to it, and you’re a fuddy-duddy if you mind them disrobing completely for the hot tub.

The point is, people are investing in the ability to enjoy themselves naked in public, not a common recreation in this country. Mexico and the Caribbean offer cheap relief, and both are much nearer to U.S. shores then liberated Europe.

The resorts mentioned are not limited to nude-only sun bathing–you’re welcome to wear a suit. Chances are you won’t want to. -ed.

Nudist Women


If you want to feel silly, try asking a naked coed how it feels to have her breast exposed. You have to explain yourself a lot. “I mean, how does it feel knowing ‘they’re out there’ for everyone to see?” “You want me to talk about my breasts, don’t you?” “No, I want you to talk about how it feels to have them out…”

In the end it’s not an entirely hopeless process, and you do learn something. For example, they like feeling the sun between their legs especially when a breeze comes along. Or feeling the water touch them “directly” when they swim. Is it titillating? (Why doesn’t no one want to say it’s titillating?) “Yes, it’s exciting, if that’s what you mean.” Arousing? “Yes, you can say that.”

When naked interviewing a girl how she feels about being naked leads to circular conversations that in the end lead me to believe we pretty much have the same experiences when practicing nudism. It is arousing to mingle naked, to walk around fully disrobed, to lie naked on a beach towel with eyes closed knowing we’re fully vulnerable to being viewed head-to-toe.

Conclusion: How does it feel to practice nudism in large mixed groups? Pretty exciting.

Nudists prohibited from doing gardening with only thong

Boulder, city of the state of Colorado has a tradition of attracting residents with alternative lifestyles. But a couple of nudists was almost framed by a bill that would not allow them to work more naked in the garden of the condominium where they live.

The state department responsible for housing issues would nudism illegal, after residents complained of community Fothills Catharine Pierce, 52, and her husband Robert, who were engaged in gardening on their property using only dental floss, the sight of neighbors.

But the city council decided to approve a law for nudity, and the department finally gave up the rules. Only that state law says nothing about letting her breasts exposed. That is, for good or ill, the neighbors will probably have to get used to the topless Catharine. But many are relieved at the prospect of not having to see more of Robert floss every day.