Running naked


Since 1999, in northern Spain Has run naked

The group begins to dispute the race Patxi Ros with proof of 5000 meters Which is equal to any other, except That All Competitors Can only run naked (the exception is for tennis). The race is Between the towns of Getxo and Sopelana.

Naturism family


We do not nail here that all walk naked for there, that the use of the clothes is abolished. What we desire that happens it is that the people demystify the nudez. That the nudez is seen in a natural way, without erotismo.

 The familiar nudez is half the most appropriate one so that the human body is accepted in its natural form. To only remain dress when strict necessary already it is a good start. It is without clothes after the bath for a drawn out time more, is looked in the mirror and one gets used with its naked body.

It sleeps with the possible minimum of clothes, leaves that the blankets play the heater role. Shorts for the men (without underwears, it is clearly) and a nightgown for the women (without panties and sutiã) already are the sufficient. It does not judge the human body as a ugly and dirty thing. She does not teach this to its children, with certainty thus, they will have a mental health and a more healthful positioning before the nudez.

Cycling naked

It may seem difficult and inconsistent association of the naked act of pedaling, but those who cycle every day in any city in the world can easily grasp the message to pass.

While the drivers feel “protected” inside their metal carriages, cyclists are naked, without protection, depending only on the willingness of motorists to protect them or not.

Enough to be discrepant and inconsistent the absurd amount that the auto industry invests to ensure the safety of its customers, regardless of the speed they are creating real tanks cities, where those inside are protected, as those who live outside the bubble …

While some commercial automotive exalt and stimulate the speed of their cars, pedestrians and cyclists lose their lives every day in traffic accidents, which only in Sao Paulo reap the lives of 1,500 people per year. Of these only 18% of drivers and passengers are killed.

Riding naked is an act of protest that aims to draw attention to the fragility of the cyclist in traffic, and motivate society to discuss the misuse of the car in urban centers. This act is held annually in various cities around the world in the demonstration dubbed as WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride). The story began in Zaragoza in Spain in 2002 and now occurs in over 200 cities worldwide. In Brazil the first edition was significant in 2008, bringing together about 500 cyclists up and had worldwide repercussion.