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Young Nudists In Transition

Young Nudists In Transition


With a batch of rotating editors, it’s easy to tell who was last to click “update” on the control panel. In this case it’s me of course, the guy who really can’t get enough of the fact that when a girl arrives off the street onto a nudist beach, she’s going to be taking her clothes off. When she leaves she’ll be putting them back on. Okay, sometimes I feel like I’m still in seventh grade – you have no need to tell me.

But tell me this: How many females in your lifetime will you see getting dressed or undressed? If you’re a typical non-nudist male, your range will be six to eight women. Ask a male nudist the same question and he’ll say, “All the time. Hundreds, thousands.”  

Okay, maybe it’s a small thing. Some people (men) can only be stimulated by hard-core illustration, not suggestion. I’m the other type of guy. Give me soft-core insinuation. Give me some raw information (like watching a teenager strip naked on the beach) and I’ll let my imagination do the rest, or simply enjoy the moment for what it is – in this case a gift of creation, these heavenly creatures in the prime of their life.(“Nudist Arrivals & Departures”)

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Younger Nudists

There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of


Driving my grandchildren to daycare each morning I pass a local university, and of course at that time of day students are trudging to class, and at their usual absent-minded and brisk pace. Handily, my filters zero-in on passing coeds, and every morning I’m struck anew at how attractive they are, so youthful and unsullied by age. It gives me a lift.

I know some men my age (early sixties) that get sullen at the sight of young beauty, feeling a sense of loss and time passing. It’s ridiculous, of course, as we’ve all had our time in the ring, which has either filled us with happy memories or the pity-party of regret. What’s left to us now is memory-enhanced appreciation, which we now carry into age-appropriate relationships. Seeing these young women reminds me of ones I have known very intimately. The same energies arise within, so to speak, but their direction leads elsewhere, and in my case, to older women. It’s a case where remembrances of things past invigorates the present. Women have confirmed to me that their memories of being with “young bucks” fuel their present love-lives as well. Good. It’s a fair exchange.

What does this have to do with nudism? Well, I can only speculate on your reasons for being here. For myself I can speak with authority. Viewing nudist photography, particularly of young women, energizes me, clears my mind, and reminds me of what’s important, which is of course the beauty of life, even as its patterns and textures shift over time. Women I meet today in their forties and fifties were once young women and teens, whose secrets tormented and astounded me at the same time. It’s for their sake that I remember where they’ve come from, which was their tantalizing youth.

On that subject (“tantalizing youth”) I’m happy to subject you to Jens Morgensen’s latest round of photography from his summer of aggressively pursuing the youthful environment of Europe’s many nudist beaches, beginning with Sweden and wrapping up in Greece. As mentioned above, it’s an invigorating subject, whether it’s fully clothed young coeds hoofing it to class, or naked on a European beach. By all means look. It’s good for you. 

The Nude Review

Naked (Nudist) Camping

 “Like Living With A Naked Tribe”


With a little encouragement from the weather (hot, and into the night) there’s really no good reason not to commingle camping with nudism, as is the case in many sanctioned nudist campgrounds across Europe and, increasingly, in “rogue” style hideaways and beaches here in the U.S. There are even “nudist” hook-up groups (try your local Meet-ups) where like minded naturists can join a group for a weekend camp in local national forests (and check your local REI bulletin boards).

Of course, one not need declare a camp-out as nudist, as anyone who has camped with friends knows friendly nudity is a common attribute of sharing the outdoors in hot, humid conditions. Privacy isn’t a big concern when it’s time for a dip after a day’s hiking, or during morning clean-up lake-side after a night of heavy campfire bonding with spirits or herbs.
In Europe beach side campgrounds, whether sanctioned nudist or not, tend to be very permissive regardless in terms of nudity. Everyone seems to walk around naked. You have touring Aussies, English backpackers, Swiss couples – it’s a very communal existence.

 “After two or three days living in the woods or on a beach, with no need to wear a stitch of clothing, you develop a strange coziness with everyone. You move around like you have clothes on, except you don’t. You learn a lot about the human anatomy that way. When you see your girlfriend using a hatchet naked you see a side of her you wouldn’t recognize in the city.”

Russians have very large “back to nature” nudist camping gathering where hundreds gather and there’s a decidedly pagan flavor to activities. A festival atmosphere pervades the camp, and extremely liberal interpretation of free expression, including the affectionate kind. An American “might be shocked to stumble into one of these gatherings, but ultimately, pleasantly surprised.”

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The Nudist Photo Club

As A Hobby, It Beats Golf


First off, let me say the great Craigslist Experiment was a bust. Yes, you can hire “models” for your experimental, nudist-themed photography habit, but the time spent covering up tattoos and surgical mishaps means a $25 session (what seems to be the going rate per hour) adds up quickly.

Of course it wasn’t all bad. We found some excellent subjects who already embraced the lifestyle and understood we weren’t looking for lascivious poses nor those awful come-hither grimaces so highly valued in the porn industry. No thanks to that. At any rate, we don’t go for staged nudism as a rule, but photo club assignments need a theme (just for fun really) and, scratching the Craigslist idea meant soliciting known fellow female nudists, where it should have started anyway. And who wouldn’t like to spend a day in the country rifling through one of those nice wicker picnic baskets while pretending they’re in a Monet painting? It’s of course a recurring theme in the magazines.

As a rule nudism is fun, sensual, invigorating and stimulating while the need to add artifice (themes), but there is something about piling into a few cars, finding a nice area in the country, hiking in a bit, and then – well, this will do – taking your clothes off with the intent of taking pictures (and also enjoying the picnic). Some of you may have cringed at the mention of “photo club” thinking “creepy” but in fact within the nudist community it’s hardly that. Some uninhibited people are happy and eager to present the evidence that nudism is a beautiful way to “recreate.” Anyway, beach nudist photography is fine and there can never be enough (one keeps going back for more). Some aspects of nudism may be under-represented. Next up? A cross between Blue Lagoon and Swiss Family Robison. That will be interesting.

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American Nudism

A Sassier, Bolder Nudism



Let’s face it – compared to the European variety, American nudism has a different flavor. It’s bolder, sassier, more flirty and more mentally titillating than the kind we experience abroad. Over there they’re used to it. Here we’re still adjusting to the fact that we used to sit next to these women in geography class in the eighth grade, the ones whose bra strap sightings followed you all the home to bed and your hormonally charged insomnia. Being naked with girls was once unimaginable.

That makes it nearly unmanageable when, if fact, you arenaked with them now. These once empresses of teenage bedrooms with their dresser-drawer delicates and locked-door full-length inspections in boudoir mirrors. The girl whose panties you briefly saw on the playground now lies with them abandoned to her side in favor of an all-over tan on a beach that’s just off the interstate from where you both grew-up. Now, that’s progress!

When you see a naked American teen or their later editions entering into womanhood, you have a mutual history whether you know them personally or not. Call them the archetypes of all of the girls from your youth, the grammar school tease, the precocious junior high flirt, the girl from the wrong side of town who let you feel her up behind the gym. This is what follows you to an American nudist beach – these are your people, your women, and they’re nude.

Seeing a nude German woman on a French nudist beach in August among the hundreds of other nudists is nice, but it’s not the same (if you’re following my drift). Culturally your worlds are very different. Where we come from, public nudity is an exceptional case. Where they’re from it’s ho-hum healthy and wholesome. Yeah, we get that. In America it’s still healthy and wholesome but the added dimension of a cultural kinship makes it so much more. That includes a degree of bawdiness, whether overt or simply implied. American girls seem to exude hormones. When you catch eyes with an American girl on a nude beach you’re right back in eighth grade, and with a similar inability to control your more intimate reactions. It makes it damn interesting.

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Nudist Love

Yes, It’s Complicated 


You’ve finally convinced your significant other to “give nudism a try” (see other posts for the emotionalcomponents). Compliantly, she removes her bottoms and top and voila, there you are, a couple of free-spirited nudists enjoying nature as nature intended (or at least equipped you–I don’t think anyone is born fully clothed).

Now for your perilous reactions. Yeah, it’s hard not to respond accordingly. You feel a rush of Neanderthal emotion (something akin to “this is MY mate”) and, having been socialized in modern times, feel somewhat confused. There she is, your honey completely naked in full view of whatever presence exists on the beach. Your ownership rights (to see this naked body) cease to exist… Of course you respond–it can be a tricky business.

Our motto is that nudist couples need to “gauge the ambience” of their venue–is it a family beach? Are we at Hedonism II? Act appropriately. If your wife or girlfriends wants a hug or cuddle beachside, and you’re naked, do you feel the need to roll over to conceal your enthusiasm? Are you at Hedonism II? Don’t worry about it. Venue.

If you’ve perused our FAQ you may have a clue about what we’re talking about. We hate porn–but we don’t mind genuine sensuality, even if it’s rather pronounced. (But there are limits to what we feel appropriate to display  outside “the gate.”) (“Adult Nudism”) 

Nudist Touch

Compare the differences: On a textile beach (where they wear bathing suits) applying sunscreen to your sig-other is absolutely appropriate and prudent according to the health authorities. What if you’re on a nude beach? Well, skin is skin, and it needs protection. We don’t mind if your personal discipline on such matters include buttocks, breasts and other unmentionables. Having your nether regions lovingly cared for with applications of coconut oil (preferred among nudists) is fine. Go for it. Life is short.

PDA’s On Nudist Beaches

Let’s just cut to the chase. Public displays on nudist beaches (family or adult) are fine. You’d do it on a normal (textile) beach, so why hold back? I suffer what most men suffer in such situations–a response. Just be discreet, unless it doesn’t matterwhat you’re doing (like at Hedonism, or other adult nudist resorts).

The Nude Review

Nudist Girls

The Main Event

It’s on your mind when you pull in the parking lot. Your pulse reflects your increasing excitement. You’re moments away from stepping onto your favorite nudist beach. The weather signals a promising day–high eighties and humid, a perfect reason to escape to the beach. It should be a banner day. The youthful presence will high. You’ll be spending the next several hours in the presence of their inspiring nudity, all of you naked as the day you were born and there’s no price to admission except for your willingness to be like them–nude, in public, enjoying the beach. Isn’t life great? For purposes of illustration, the photos illustrating this post feature what I’d call averagewomen or teens (not the bottom pic of course)–I think it helps bring home the point. 

Not every nudist you see on a nude beach is a startling 10 or Met Art model on her day off. The Main Event is of course surrounded by lesser beings exercising their absolute right to be there. It goes with the territory. But what is always amazing to me is, in the course of several hours on a typical nudist beach, you will witness a surprising number of very attractive, young and fit women and teens. Your blinders will ignore the rest (see below). If there’s a price to pay, it is the fact that not all humans are perfect, with many not taking very good care of themselves, and they do come into view. 

I prefer the natural nudity of nudist women versus the slickly produced and posed models of Met Art or Femjoy–sure, some are very attractive, but they don’t seem natural. Plus, their features often descend into gynecology, as if by necessity they need to include those shots to broadened (or lower?) their appeal. (I’ve yet to meet a woman in real life who offered me a view like that other than as necessitated by our love-making

Though we do embrace the democratic nature of nudism and encourage it’s practice as a means of enhancing life’s experiences, we also embrace the mantra of being fit. Alas, the truth is about a third of any nudist beach population includes the less than trim. Well, bravo to them for having the courage to bare themselves. It would be elitist to think they should exclude themselves (we do not believe they should). But we do editorialize the galleries, we do reject a lot of submissions because they are not very attractive. This offends some, but for the most it’s appreciated. The fact is, an update isn’t an update if no one wants to look at it. Ed.

The Nude Review

Nudist Couples Self-Outing

If you’ve been on a nudist beach or at an adult nudist resort you can count on being outed to the world as a nudist, whether you wanted it or not.


Some couples prefer to set the record and out themselves. “I got pissed-off when a porno-nudist site somehow published a naked picture of my wife on Haulover Beach. Then I thought, well, she is very attractive. Why don’t I publish my own series?”

Also, once again the nudist “Goddess Effect” and other musings from practicing nudists.

The Nude Review

Hey, That’s My Wife!

Nudist Emotional Highs & Other Weirdness
“Our first day at a clothing optional, adults-only resort in the Caribbean, I saw my wife get nude for the first in a mixed group of strangers, and it was the most arousing moment of my life. We’d boarded a catamaran at the resort’s dock wearing our suits. We hadn’t discussed whether we’d partake of the clothing optional business. When other couples started stripping down, my usually very prim and fairly attractive wife looked at me, shrugged, and began removing her suit. It was very erotic. Within a couple minutes she’d met some other couples and was chatting away like she was at a PTA meeting. Needless to say, there was no way I could remove my suit at that moment.”

No, that’s not Penthouse Forum stuff, but just the kind of thing you hear talking with men who enjoy nudism with their wives or girlfriends–there’s something about having your mate viewed naked by other men that can be very stimulating, and in ways that stick with youforever. “Let’s say, when we’re being intimate, all I have to do is recall her taking off her suit on a public beach, or standing at the bar nude at an adult resort, and I lose it. Timing is everything. I have to keep those thoughts out of my mind until I know it’s the right moment to, you know, finish.” 

When You Cross That Line

This could fit in Nudist House or Candid Nudity, but that would miss the point–there’s a Rubicon crossed when, for the first time, a woman you’re newly with gets up (from whatever was occupying you both) and, stark-naked, heads to the bathroom or maybe the kitchen. It’s a delicious moment dressed in that minor “Well, here I am” way that’s both frank admission and implied agreement: Now we can move about naked. It could have been six hours before that you’d just met. 

Life is grand that way. Is it ‘nudist’ on any level? We think so, as there’s a spirit of body freedom that’s undeniable, and that’s what nudism is largely about.

Resort Nudity 

You might be surprised at how many clothing optional resorts now span the Caribbean (and with the current obesity epidemic, feel somewhat frightened at the prospect). Fortunately these destination resorts seem more for the fit and trim (the cruise lines get all the rest).

The Nude Review


Female Perspectives

What Women Want?
When asked about what attracts them to men on a nudist beach, women seem to keep two sets of books. One is for show, the other for their personal use. There’s a big asexual pitch on most nudist sites, which is fine, but we think it covers just half of the story.  Your personal experience on a nudist beach occurs in your brain, which is hopefully able to control any outward evidence of your thoughts. Your outward participation and behavior is of course what you make public. We thought women had it lucky on that score. Apparently we were wrong.

“Oh, no, I do get aroused from the visual clues around me on a nudist beach. I’ve noticed other women do too,” said one female participant at the Tulum workshop. Well, what do you mean? “There’s some swelling. You know, you see the engorgement but it’s more subtle than a man’s erection.” Oh that. Pink.

So, what gets you that way?

The word “packaging” was adopted and applied to what a man carries around with him on a nudist beach. Regrettably, it’s more an object of befuddlement than appreciation. “They are so different. They’re like snowflakes.”

So what is it about the packaging that they like? Symmetrical arrangement was what things narrowed down to. To paraphrase:  “A nice sack, not too long, not shrunken [remember the Seinfeld episode?], the penis protruding about an inch further down than the testicles. A little tumescence is nice too.”

Unfortunately that can only describe a man who hasn’t had a recent dip, whose been lying in the sun letting things “bake,” and isn’t eighty-eight years old. Usually what you see on the men on most nudist beaches is a little knobby thing being offered to the world above a hard nut sack that’s halfway receded into their pelvic area, to put it crudely. “Oh, we know about shrinkage.” Thank God.

And the drum roll question is always this: cut or uncut?

It swings to cut among American women. European women don’t seem to understand the question.

Women were asked to judge from a broad selection of photos representing various sizes and shapes of both man and penis and pick the one they found with the highest factor. The winner is below:

Vastly apparent is the youth of the subject, also the apparent symmetry mentioned above, the trim physique. Not making even the short list were any men with just slight paunches (sorry), but otherwise not much mattered. Notably, none of the muscle builder types were considered very attractive (and all seemed to suffer from very minor packaging. There is a God).

Muscle tone is desirable, especially in the arms and upper chest. Of course droopy buttocks, well, no one wants to see that. (Fifteen weighted squats twice per week takes care of any problem in that area, regardless of age.)

Lastly, grooming was a big factor. Don’t shave, but trim. The shaved look was summarily dismissed (to the the surprise of some smooth nudists in attendance), except no one seemed to mind if the testicles were “bald.” Be careful down there.

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