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“Sweet Harmony” is a hit single by UK band The Beloved.

It became one of their biggest hits, peaking at #8 in the UK None of the band’s other singles have made into the Top 10, which is why many consider this the band’s signature song.

The song gained notoriety for its controversial music video, which consisted of a naked Jon Marsh  and a bevy of other equally naked females – including Tess Daly – lipsynching the lyrics. In an interview, Marsh pointed out that the video was “not intended to be sexual” and was “as A-sexual as you can get”. The video is supposed to represent unity between humans.

The video was featured in an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head  called “Politically Correct”.

The music video for John Forté “Ninety Nine (Flash The Message)” features scenes which are similar to this video. In the second verse of the song, John Forte is featured alongside several naked women in a similar fashion. The only difference is that John Forté is clothed all the women start pulling out chainsaws and pose with them. Also, while the video samples scenes from this song, the song itself is not. The song samples Nena’s 99 Luftaballons.





Nudist Music Video by Ton Dou

Genuine naturist’s are brave and brilliant and regardless of their ancestry or national origin
are connected to me like spiritual cousins.
We’re age old and there are more of us than anyone will ever know!  I hope to contribute an
art form we can openly and publicly share.

If my Nudist Music and Nudist Music Videos make mainstream media and have their day in
the sun, healthy, positive growth will follow!

My Lyrics and Footage depicting the normal day to day routines and activities of naturist’s
would be enlightening and encouraging!

My projects reflect the core values of genuine naturism and may heighten the level
of awareness and acceptance worldwide!

I endeavor to be a notable musical voice that exemplifies what genuine naturist’s are and feel
and serves as a common denominator for us all.


Whole Day Nude

A music video by nudist for nudist. Newd is not Lewd.

Whole Day Nude Music Video Director Roland Smith of Paradise Studios Hollywood says this production will rival any of the top clothed music videos that have been produced and that it will be a piece de resistance.

The Producer Corky Stanton of, Philip Fayne also of, Roland and I are all very excited about the possibilities!

DeAnza Springs Resort will be the primary location for the shoot and we’ll also get footage from other cool spots in or near the area. Members of the VitaNuda West group will also be in the shoot and a girl I haven’t yet met will be paired with me!

Valley Lodge

All of My Loving

Valley Lodge came together when John Kimbrough, former singer-guitarist for Minnesota power pop band Walt Mink, met up with comedian/musician Dave Hill (formerly a member of bands such as Cobra Verde, and Sons of Elvis) to compare the home demos they were working on.

Joined by bass player/singer Phil Costello (Satanicide), and drummer Rob Pfeiffer (Sense Field) and inspired by bands such as Cheap Trick, Raspberries, Thin Lizzy and Big Star they released their eponymous debut in 2005.

The album proved particularly popular in Japan even getting a re-release with bonus tracks in 2008. The band went on to tour there in March 2009.