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Naked Adventure In The Desert

When it’s a 102 degrees and sunny, why would you wear clothes?


That’s the logic of a Moab Meet-up group dedicated to naked hiking in the desert. “The freedom one feels is oceanic, but it isn’t for everyone,” said group leader Jenny. “It’s open to anyone, but only the truly fit and lean would enjoy it. Ten desert miles up and down cliffs takes a certain amount of stamina. This isn’t your typical “nudist” scenario; it’s more like nudism taken to the next level.”

For the truly adventurous, there’s geo-caching. It involves putting your clothes in the club van, which disappears over the horizon, leaving you with nothing to wear until your hiking boots and GPS unit (your only accessories) take you to your second stash of clothes. Now, the parks have all sorts of tourists in them, few of them naked. How do you handle encounters? “Usually with a big smile,” said Jenny. 

Is it legal? The National Park Service official position is to look the other way. Well, eventually.

The Nude Review

Naked ambitions on a Greek island

In a quiet corner of the Cyclades, where hippy campers rub shoulders with A-list celebrities, our writer summons up the courage to go as nature intended…


Naked people of varying ages and shapes sit conversing underneath shades made from white bed sheets and bamboo sticks, the only shelter from the heat. A dry wind sweeps across the beach, and the shades blow back and forth. An Australian man, wearing nothing but a sunhat, asks if anyone fancies a game of boccia, and immediately the most competitive Italian on the beach jumps up, excited at the prospect of winning the much-coveted prize: rice pudding.

This is my fifth time to the small Greek island of Antiparos, neighbour to the more commercial and larger island of Paros. It is home to Antiparos Camping and the nudist beach attached to it, the first in the Cyclades. The beach is only a small curve of soft golden sand but has the feel of a lagoon, enclosed on one side by the island itself and on the other by the uninhabited island of Dipla; the sea is so shallow it is possible to walk across to Dipla, where goats appear and disappear upon its peak. In the distance, a lone cloud lingers over Paros; in the foreground, tanned hides punctuate my vision, stark against the water’s glint.

The nudists appear totally normal to me now, but five years ago, when I first came to the beach with my sister and her boyfriend, I was not so relaxed. I remember it clearly. We sat not far from the nudists, but not so near as to be imposing, and began our beach routine. I became increasingly aware that wearing swimwear somehow excluded us, and I felt like I owed it to their nudity to undress. One nudist in particular frightened me into revealing myself. I like to call him Nordic Sea God: a Swede, around 60, an artist, and equipped with a handlebar blond moustache. He sat under his own shade like the beach’s royal authority and eyed our swimming costumes with derision. I was afraid he might come and whip the bikini top straight off my chest.

Looking nervously at my sister’s boyfriend I disrobed, while he did the same. Nordic Sea God’s face lit up. The faces of several other nudists did the same: yes, you’re just like us, they seemed to say, creatures bearing disappointing forms. It was time to go for a naked swim. Whereas I can’t recommend anything more highly than nude swimming, walking out of the sea afterwards is a different matter. You are suddenly aware that the point will come when your unsheathed form will rise into full view and that the whole beach is facing the water, like an audience. As I came out of the sea that first time, I was met by Nordic Sea God’s Swedish accent booming: “What a pale woman!”

Ioannis Kalargyros set up Antiparos Camping (where most of the nudists stay) in the late 1970s, drawing in the last stragglers of the dying hippy movement. He still runs the campsite with his family, and they welcome you there as though you were old friends. This year Ioannis took my sister and me out on his little fishing boat and caught sea urchins for us to eat, which he served up with homemade wine. It is that sort of kindness and generosity that has had people returning for more than 30 years.

The campsite is built on a plot of land so beautiful that, according to Ioannis’s son Theologos, Roman Abramovich once tried to buy it from the family. Theologos shows me photographs from the 70s of dust-settled plots with nothing but a few bamboo shoots. In those days visitors simply brought a sleeping bag and slept under the stars.

Today the site is composed of small clusters of tents which the family provides for a few extra euros a night, complete with proper mattresses. Low-hanging trees and lush crops of bamboo provide shade; there is a constant verdant glow from the light filtering through the branches and a continuous sound of shoots bristling gently in the wind.

The town is a short amble away down a dirt track. A cobbled street, lined with whitewashed, blue-shuttered tavernas, bars and houses, winds from the port up to the square. By the evening this street is filled with people, every bar and restaurant alive with chatter and music. Tom Hanks and Madonna both have houses on the island, and as soon as I discover the number of celebrities who have been here (Theologos is the man to ask), I begin to think I can see them everywhere.

In fact we do see Tom Hanks. While on a mission to find an ice-cream one evening by the port, my sister turns to me and casually remarks: “That really sounds like Forrest Gump,” and when I turn I find that it really is Forrest Gump – in shorts and sandals, getting out of a battered Jeep. So it seems highly probable that the man who bears a strong resemblance to Dustin Hoffman, a lone traveller who plays football by himself most of the day, could be Dustin Hoffman. We speak to him one evening in the square; he tells us, in a gruff Greek accent, that his name is Georgios and he has come from Athens to escape the city heat. We are deeply disappointed. But then again Dustin is a talented actor.

Antiparos doesn’t liven up until midnight; they might be old, but the hippies have not lost any of their drive. The focal point of the town square – previously the Orthodox church – is now a small cluster of bars and cafés dominated by a large oak tree, where people sit sipping their ouzos and local men play backgammon to the unexpected sound of Dire Straits.

I sit talking to a Dutch man who is keen to tell me how his mother met Leonard Cohen in the 60s, on the island of Hydra. He invites me to go dancing at the Doors, a local bar that’s dedicated to Jim Morrison – apparently Bruce Springsteen went for a dance there while on a visit to his mate Tom’s holiday home. The owner is a moustachioed Greek man who has a penchant for white linen suits; if you know all the words to Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” he gives you free shots, and the next morning you wish you didn’t. Still, as I’ve learned, on Antiparos it is important to keep an open mind.

The Guardian

Nudist Bares

Naked Adventures


Naked Adventures In Mexico
Nudist Bare Sharon (of the San Diego group) spent an entire week with friends living completely au naturel on desolate Baja, Mexico beaches while the rest of us were shivering and paying homage to the recent holiday. “It gets chilly at night but the days are hot and the beaches entirely empty. Taking a couple mile walk completely nude (and out of mad-dash range) is a very exciting thing to do, and we did it a lot.” Of course they’re were mishaps. It wouldn’t be a good Mexican trip without one.

Family Nudism In France

What’s most boggling about the French is how they manage to carry on so elegantly and in such a cultured fashion even when they’re stark raving nude. It’s makes you feel under dressed even when you’re supposed to be. How does that work? More startling are the family resorts, where packs of teen carry on as if they’re at a school dance. Imagine your last school dance and you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t, think of being flirty, and being flirted with, while you’re nude. Challenging to say the least.

Solo Adventures In Nudism

Yes, single women do inhabit nudist beaches and here’s an astonishing fact–they feel safer and less bothered around other nudists than they do on textile beaches. “I can sit naked all day on Black’s Beach and not be hit on once. But if I feel like meeting anyone or joining in a volleyball game, there’s no weirdness there, which you might think there would be because you’re naked. What it really feels like is a tribal thing. It’s like going to a support group meeting. Everyone is very warm and welcoming.

The nude Review

Candid Euro Nudity & Nudism

How Do You Get A European Naked? Just Give Them A Warm Day And Some Sunshine

Europeans (today’s theme it seems) are not shy when it comes to enjoying warm weather with very little in the way of clothing. When Americans run naked around the house and garden it’s still a bit unusual, while for Europeans it’s business as usual. We admire their unabashed joie de vivre. (“Eurostyle Candid Home Nudity”)

Nudity In Munich’s City Parks

Strolling a city park anywhere in Europe usually means witnessing couples in steamy embrace, topless sunbathing (or simply in their bras during office breaks–really) and in Munich it can include total nudity (as well as in parks in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere). Being naked must be second nature to Germans. Well, of course it is. (“Public Nudity In Germany”)

In My Room

We’ve often featured American teens at home enjoying the privacy of their bedrooms wherein fantasy and reality may collide unobserved (well, except in this digital age). European teens have similar proclivities. (“Candid Euro Teen Nudity At Home”) Ed.

Candid Nudist The Nude Review

Nudist Life

Nudist Beaches
Eastern Europe

Perhaps forty percent of all nudist photography originates from the former Eastern Bloc. Why is that? We think it’s because during hard times (and let’s admit, the communist era was one long slog of a hard time) people look for affordable recreation. It turns out nudism is cheap. We’re glad it stuck.

What Do Women Think Of Nudist Men’s Stuff?

It’s an interesting question (and yes, it crosses every man’s mind whose stood on a nude beach). It turns out they’re somewhat fascinated and often titillated by what they see, depending on circumstances and of course their preferences (cut, uncut, lean, etc.). There’s even an “exact geometry” (which is noted somewhere in this blog) that they like to ogle just as men like seeing their preferred statistical arrangement on the other sex. So, who is objectifying whom? It looks like it goes both ways.

Nudist Fondling & Etiquette

On a textile beach you’ll see couples in love noodling on their beach towels or frolicking in the surf in an intimate and friendly way. When it translates to a nudist beach (where admittedly, obstacles are less of an issue) does it mean folks should exhibit a little more reserve? Well, no. In either case it’s a perfectly wholesome means of enjoying life

The Nude Review

Euro Nudism

Nudism Broadly Defined

A Swiss teenager sunbathing nude on the family terrace (above) while overlooking the bucolic countryside offers an idealized image of liberty–the freedom to be comfortably nude within the midst of family to enjoy a sun-drenched afternoon. It’s in fact not unusual while walking a suburban street or alpine meadow to see evidence of the prevailing body freedom spirit Europeans so avidly embrace.

Nudist Camps & Resorts

Nude beaches are familiar enough to us, but not the Euro practice of 24/7 nudism which stretches to include entire villages, and doing in the buff the quotidian tasks associated with, well, wearing clothes. “Shopping for groceries nude is a little weird,” says one American newbie to the scene. (It’s even a little weird if you’re a long-time nudist.)

The Croatian Coast

Even in Tito’s time there were nudists. Now there are a lot more. The Croatian coast is now a destination of choice for many Europeans and Americans seeking au naturel vacations. Renting a boat is just one way to have one.

The Nude Review

Nudist Heat Wave

Naturist travel


Planet Odd: It’s Cooler In The Caribbean

Summer is normally low-season in the Caribbean as folks stick to their usually cooler northern climes. This year it’s cooler in Jamaica right now than in St. Louis. Who’d thought? Anyway, the topic is vacations that involve nudist or topless behaviors, and of course the photographic and video evidence thereof. If you’re sailing the Caribbean right now you’re notice larger than usual crowds and of course ever more nudity (each season more and more resorts open to the idea). If you’re sitting by your air conditioner attempting to escape the current heat wave in the U.S., consider clicking over to Expedia or your favorite travel to book a trip.

Summer Break & Teen Nudists

You don’t need a dedicated resort to host a nudist intervention–your local watering hole will suffice. Teens on summer break enduring few opportunities for part-time employment are making the most of it. Ubiquitous digital cameras offer some proof that they’re dealing with the heat in a nudist way.

EuroTeen Nudist Camping

Across the pond European teens have begun their late-start summer break, which means heading anywhere there’s a beach. Camping is big there, and there are plenty of campgrounds with very open policies on nudity, even for families.

The Nude Review Nudist Corp

Naturism in the world

Romanian Nudist, Urban Nudism, Caribbean Nudist Resorts
Romanian Nudist Beaches
Few American tourists populate the highly variable Romanian beach scene (and fewer yet realize it has a Black Sea coastline), but Europeans do, and several destinations are developing their nudist chops in that family way that Eastern Europeans do so well. Erornie Nord is popular with the clothing optional crowd, as is Lake Techirghiol, a name that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Otherwise the beaches are hit or miss, with many needing a clean-up and perhaps a rethink of the beach-bar scene, which varies from obnoxious to just as you’d wish it to be. As for the local talent, Romanian girls are among the world’s most attractive. Who’d thought? Or why would you have thought otherwise?

Urban Nudism
Not exactly a trend in this country, so when it happens it’s noteworthy, such as in Central Park, or along the Charles River in Boston. Of course, in Europe it no longer turns heads, unless they belong to American tourists.In the suburbs, urban means backyard patios and pools, sundecks, sometimes risky arrangements where privacy is iffy should a passersby look over the fence. (See “Nudist House.)

Caribbean Nudism
My question is this–all things being equal, if given the option to go to a nudist beach or a textile beach, why would anyone choose the latter? As Caribbean resorts develop their non-prude beach options, many are going with the former. Club Orient is one popular destination on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies. It’s azure waters and brilliant sand hosts an average annual temperature of 85 degrees, and was home to Jimmy Buffet’s first Cheeseburger In Paradise. It’s particularly popular for groups of couples, where many end-up imbibing social nudity for the first time. Ed

The Nude Review Nudist Corp

Vacation Nudity

Let’s Order Room Service


There’s a film with Annie McDowell wherein her husbands asks her, while waiting for room service in their hotel suite, to answer the door when their order arrived. Now, I’ve been that husband, so I know what was going on in his head. For some reason the prospect is a little titillating. There, I’ve said it out loud.

But that’s really just an aside… Vacation nudity, which is by nature casual, involves hotel rooms, resort suites and summer cabins, tents–anywhere where people are changing or hanging out less than fully clothed in strange places (not their usual spaces for such things). It also include school trips with overnights, staying in youth hostels, and (in one intriguing scenario, sleeper cars on trains).

In the series above (girls on spring break sharing a room), coeds sharing some wine in their suite while plotting their dinner plans, there is absolutely no need for pouty looks or scandalous behavior to make the scene interesting. How many times have you walked by a hotel room and heard girls laughing and wished you could be a fly on their wall? In my case I’ve lost count.

Hence the intrigue. It’s doesn’t work for everyone, but if works for you, it really, really does.

Ed. (“Vacation Nudity: Candid Cameras”)

Candid Nudist

Belize Nudism

Maybe It’s Your Destiny


If we can accept that we’re the architects of our own destinies, it’s fair to ask what the hell we’re doing online at looking at nudist pictures when we could be on a beach somewhere warm looking at nudes in the flesh. Well, life gets in the way. You’re either waiting to hear whether your mortgage modification has gone through or sending out your one hundredth resume. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re stuck in a cubicle somewhere pulling in a salary. I’m not sure how being stuck in a cubicle anywhere is a form of luck, nor would I like to think it’s my or anyone else’s destiny.

It used to be Patrick’s destiny until he was fired. Unable to find a replacement job in a dying industry, he decided that Belize could provide some useful shade from which he could look out at the sunny stretches while contemplating his future. It was there that he discovered his interest in nudism photography, and as some of you know, the rest is history. He sold off his stateside assets to become a permanent beach lodger and write when not engaged in staring at the view (which happens to include a lot of German tourists).

Belize isn’t well known as a nudist Mecca, nor is it “legally” sanctioned, but with plenty of lonely beaches and keys, it’s ideally suited to nudism. As topless sunbathing is becoming the norm throughout the Caribbean, total nudity isn’t a big stretch, and even Mexico allows it on some beaches (See: “Zinbote Nudist Beach”).

Whether it’s your destiny or not, it can certainly be a hobby, and give you something to look forward to when the old cubicle begins feeling a little cramped.

Ed-“Caribbean Nudist Beaches: Belize Nudism”