The Nudist Photo Club

As A Hobby, It Beats Golf


First off, let me say the great Craigslist Experiment was a bust. Yes, you can hire “models” for your experimental, nudist-themed photography habit, but the time spent covering up tattoos and surgical mishaps means a $25 session (what seems to be the going rate per hour) adds up quickly.

Of course it wasn’t all bad. We found some excellent subjects who already embraced the lifestyle and understood we weren’t looking for lascivious poses nor those awful come-hither grimaces so highly valued in the porn industry. No thanks to that. At any rate, we don’t go for staged nudism as a rule, but photo club assignments need a theme (just for fun really) and, scratching the Craigslist idea meant soliciting known fellow female nudists, where it should have started anyway. And who wouldn’t like to spend a day in the country rifling through one of those nice wicker picnic baskets while pretending they’re in a Monet painting? It’s of course a recurring theme in the magazines.

As a rule nudism is fun, sensual, invigorating and stimulating while the need to add artifice (themes), but there is something about piling into a few cars, finding a nice area in the country, hiking in a bit, and then – well, this will do – taking your clothes off with the intent of taking pictures (and also enjoying the picnic). Some of you may have cringed at the mention of “photo club” thinking “creepy” but in fact within the nudist community it’s hardly that. Some uninhibited people are happy and eager to present the evidence that nudism is a beautiful way to “recreate.” Anyway, beach nudist photography is fine and there can never be enough (one keeps going back for more). Some aspects of nudism may be under-represented. Next up? A cross between Blue Lagoon and Swiss Family Robison. That will be interesting.

The nude review

American Nudism

A Sassier, Bolder Nudism



Let’s face it – compared to the European variety, American nudism has a different flavor. It’s bolder, sassier, more flirty and more mentally titillating than the kind we experience abroad. Over there they’re used to it. Here we’re still adjusting to the fact that we used to sit next to these women in geography class in the eighth grade, the ones whose bra strap sightings followed you all the home to bed and your hormonally charged insomnia. Being naked with girls was once unimaginable.

That makes it nearly unmanageable when, if fact, you arenaked with them now. These once empresses of teenage bedrooms with their dresser-drawer delicates and locked-door full-length inspections in boudoir mirrors. The girl whose panties you briefly saw on the playground now lies with them abandoned to her side in favor of an all-over tan on a beach that’s just off the interstate from where you both grew-up. Now, that’s progress!

When you see a naked American teen or their later editions entering into womanhood, you have a mutual history whether you know them personally or not. Call them the archetypes of all of the girls from your youth, the grammar school tease, the precocious junior high flirt, the girl from the wrong side of town who let you feel her up behind the gym. This is what follows you to an American nudist beach – these are your people, your women, and they’re nude.

Seeing a nude German woman on a French nudist beach in August among the hundreds of other nudists is nice, but it’s not the same (if you’re following my drift). Culturally your worlds are very different. Where we come from, public nudity is an exceptional case. Where they’re from it’s ho-hum healthy and wholesome. Yeah, we get that. In America it’s still healthy and wholesome but the added dimension of a cultural kinship makes it so much more. That includes a degree of bawdiness, whether overt or simply implied. American girls seem to exude hormones. When you catch eyes with an American girl on a nude beach you’re right back in eighth grade, and with a similar inability to control your more intimate reactions. It makes it damn interesting.

The nude review