Nudism And Girls

Nudist Girls


You can tell by the site statistics and page views, but you already know that the bedrock of naturism, its founding momentum, lies with the participation of younger generations – teens, or girls if you wish, when female form is its prime. It’s a peculiar life they lead on a nudist beach, and as their nudist pictures prove, they are the stars and celebrities of summer world.

With “casual nudity” moving into a new phase of liberalism, where every teen with a cell phone likely has a nude selfie filed under “homework” as well as all her friend’s selfies, nude of course, male or female, it could be right to wonder if nudism is even a “thing” anymore. Well, of course it is, it’s just snuck in the back door of most people’s lives, where family nudism just means no one cares if they’re seen nude.

This nudity is restored to intimacy when between boys and girls of any age when they first reveal themselves to each other. Most of us have a “tomboy” girlfriend in our pasts, and with them were often our first experiences of coed nudity.The fact is, that excitement with the act of “getting naked” with girls (or later, women) never loses its grip. Each first step onto a nudist beach and getting your suit off mimics those early years of first contacts with the flesh of the opposite sex. It’s eminently enjoyable, and the fact that there’s a sensual component doesn’t make wrong. Ed


3 comentários em “Nudism And Girls”

  1. You are really writing from a guy’s perspective.I’m sure all the lady readers will say that it’s the young bucks that are great to took at and that there are far too many pics of young girls on the screen. I’m an older straight guy and I like to look at photos middle aged and older women as much as of younger women. I like to look at naked guys of all ages too, and I really do like to see both men and women naked together. It feels right.

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