American Nudists In Mexico

nudist americans

Foreign travel can bring out the hedonist in American women and teens.

Trend spotters have noticed the recent increase is repeat travel to our Mexican neighbor’s “liberated” beaches, and the fresh drift of resort owners to permitting topless or nude sunbathing on their grounds and beaches. Cancun area Maroma Beach and Matanchen Bay are now “body freedom” friendly, as is Playa Mazanillo. They report bookings up thirty percent going into 2009, and increasing numbers of single women in small groups checking in for week-long spa packages, which includes a lot of baring all to the winds beach time.

Most likely it’s the allure of exotic locations and hot temperatures willing vacationers to loosen up and participate in communal nudity. But we also think most women are curious about the experience, a frequent enough occurrence in dreams (like finding oneself nude at school and being aroused), but need the exceptional circumstance to induce a proper frame of mind. Seeing other folks naked on a public beach makes the idea easier to digest.

Do they bring the experience home with them? Often, yes. Suddenly there’s nothing to it, and you’re a fuddy-duddy if you mind them disrobing completely for the hot tub.

The point is, people are investing in the ability to enjoy themselves naked in public, not a common recreation in this country. Mexico and the Caribbean offer cheap relief, and both are much nearer to U.S. shores then liberated Europe.

The resorts mentioned are not limited to nude-only sun bathing–you’re welcome to wear a suit. Chances are you won’t want to. -ed.

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