Nudist Behavior

Nudism At Home In The Form Of Idealized Teens Hot Tubbing


Having no high-horse to speak from, we’re not opposed to puerility when it comes to having simple tastes in viewing nudity. It fact, we make the case elsewhere on this blog that youthful nudity has high aesthetic value. Well, look at classical art if you have a differing viewpoint. You may find it persuasive.

Hot tubbing and saunas offer nude-friendly recreation for singles, couples, or groups. While it’s not likely you’ll find, or want to look at, a group of men enjoying a eucalyptus beating in balmy sauna conditions, it’s a fair wager that a group of teen girls doing the same might draw your interest. We’re not ashamed to admit it works for us.

Group nudity in female ranks has a no-brainer appeal for most men. It’s difficult to find in entirely natural and spontaneous outbursts, such as above, which is why hot tubs and saunas are popular with us. They’re natural habitats for community nudity.

Every home should come equipped with them.

GeoffS for The Nude Review, “Casual Home Nudity: Hot Tubs & Saunas”

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