Belize Nudism

Maybe It’s Your Destiny


If we can accept that we’re the architects of our own destinies, it’s fair to ask what the hell we’re doing online at looking at nudist pictures when we could be on a beach somewhere warm looking at nudes in the flesh. Well, life gets in the way. You’re either waiting to hear whether your mortgage modification has gone through or sending out your one hundredth resume. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re stuck in a cubicle somewhere pulling in a salary. I’m not sure how being stuck in a cubicle anywhere is a form of luck, nor would I like to think it’s my or anyone else’s destiny.

It used to be Patrick’s destiny until he was fired. Unable to find a replacement job in a dying industry, he decided that Belize could provide some useful shade from which he could look out at the sunny stretches while contemplating his future. It was there that he discovered his interest in nudism photography, and as some of you know, the rest is history. He sold off his stateside assets to become a permanent beach lodger and write when not engaged in staring at the view (which happens to include a lot of German tourists).

Belize isn’t well known as a nudist Mecca, nor is it “legally” sanctioned, but with plenty of lonely beaches and keys, it’s ideally suited to nudism. As topless sunbathing is becoming the norm throughout the Caribbean, total nudity isn’t a big stretch, and even Mexico allows it on some beaches (See: “Zinbote Nudist Beach”).

Whether it’s your destiny or not, it can certainly be a hobby, and give you something to look forward to when the old cubicle begins feeling a little cramped.

Ed-“Caribbean Nudist Beaches: Belize Nudism”

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