Casual Nudism

Hanging Out Naked With Your Friends On A Warm Spring Day


There’s something about the nascent warmth of a Spring day that stirs up our Thoreau instincts–to commune with nature with as few intrusive accouterments as possible, to bare all to the freshening air and bountiful sun, societal conventions be damned. It’s something made even more enjoyable with company, especially when someone proposes something like, “Let’s sunbath naked.”

The after-school crowd, particularly near college campuses, often find themselves engaged in this sort of behavior, as so many digitally preserved examples illustrate: getting naked is getting popular when weather permits, and a degree of privacy is available (or in some cases privacy be damned, as samples from UNCG reveal).

It’s not sexual nudity so much as “buddy nudity.” When the coed gets naked with her school friends on the roof of the student union, an orgy isn’t on the agenda. It’s just a sensible thing to do if tanning to maximum effect. Who you get naked with, and who you have sex with, do not necessary involve the same roster (though the former may encourage the latter).

As far as we’re concerned, nudism doesn’t need a strict definition. It really only means enjoying yourself naked, particularly with company.

Ed. “Springtime Nudism: Getting Naked With Friends”

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