Nudist Sex

With All That Nudity, Is There Lot’s Of Sex?

Well, I think so, but not necessarily the way you may have in mind. Having everything “out there” and handy does make impromptu coupling extremely easy, but I seldom see a couple enchanged in anything more touching and caressing. Of course, without suits on, it looks like love making. In a way it is.

I’ve always privately held that nudism is a form of foreplay. Sharing a beach blanket with nude women is an innocent nudist activity. Inwardly, for me at least, it’s love making in a remote sense, an intimate sharing of our flesh with boundaries attached, which makes it all the more exciting. Occasionally my on-the-spot fantasizing gets the better of me and I get a semi erection. Depending on degree I either roll to my stomach or ignore it. I notice women becoming “engorged” or swollen “down there,” a collateral appeal. Darwinists might call this mating behavior–foreplay is.

Do I make connections on nudist beaches that later turn into sexual relationships? Yes. People congregating in the nude in public tend to be comfortable with themselves, and with what gives them pleasure sensually. Have I gone off in the bushes, or behind the sand dune to engage in sex on public nudist beaches? It happens, but it’s never premeditated.

Can you find a mate on a nudist beach? You can find a mate anywhere, but on a nudist beach you’ll find one without packaging. It removes some of the mystery, but adds to your confidence. And it works both ways. I have a medium-sized, circumcised penis. A woman once told me, who prefers circumcised men, her anxious moment in a new relationship was the discovery phase, the unveiling of the penis. Since becoming a nudist she’s greatly reduced her anxieties.

Nudity is foreplay between adults. I know traditional nudists shun this idea, but I think it’s true. It’s why I like the bundle presented here, traditional nudism, nudity at home, goofing off (Candid) or in more sensual settings. Whether or not I consummate a sexual relationship, I’ve now enjoyed “sensual” nudity with hundreds of women, whether we’re on the same page (whether she’s fantasizing along with me) or not.

As humans, we’re endowed with predilection for intimacy, usually preceded by foreplay which ends predictably. For the most part, in nudism you enter a realm of foreplay that lasts forever, or until you arrange otherwise. Most importantly, it puts both parties in the mood in a telling fashion. There are some things you simply can’t hide when naked.

TomD for The Nude Review “Nudism & Sex”

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