Italian Nudists, Topless Teens, Adult Nudism

La Dolce Vita Tuscan Style


We have a peculiar fondness for conservative countries that have evolved to permit open public nudity. We wish here in America the general populace enjoyed a similar evolution (it clearly hasn’t, but it’s getting better). While we primarily think of beaches and seaside nudist resorts when speaking of nudism, when it infests the countryside as well (think Alpine meadows, or bucolic rural regions) it’s even more appealing. In the hilly countrysides of Tuscany encountering nude sunbathing during afternoon strolls is now commonplace. (“Italian Nudism”)

Adult Nudism

In contrast to the much heralded (and searched for) family aspect of nudism, when two adults engage nudist practices in seemingly isolated circumstances (or openly at resorts such as Hedonism II), the “wholesome” benefits can segue into the more private variety. We’re speaking gently here–you know what we mean. While we don’t feature page after page of nudists lying spread eagle in low-brow voyeuristic poses, we do acknowledge (and talk about) the other kind, such as when wives or girlfriends get (and acknowledge it themselves) a kick out of being less then modest with their particulars. Some find it to be very powerful medicine in terms of reinvigorating their relationship. What they have to say about it is even more interesting. (“Adult Nudism & Exhibitionism: It’s For The Marriage”)

Topless Teenagers

While nudist purists may scoff at topless-only beaches, we find we can appreciate them very much. When you find it in America it’s particularly intriguing. (“Topless Teenagers: Here, There & Everywhere”) AEMobley

The nude Review

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